Past Members


Name Former Position Subsequent or Current Position
Brian Richardson Postdoc and Research Associate Research Scientist, French Lab, Hormel Institute, U. Minnesota
Laura Thomas Graduate Student (PhD 2019) Postdoc, Seydoux Lab, Johns Hopkins/HHMI
Steve Halaby Graduate Student (PhD 2018) Postdoc, Gonen Lab, UCLA/HHMI
Yi Fan Chen Undergraduate (B.S. 2018) MD/Ph.D. student, Case Western Reserve University
Solveig van der Vegt Undergraduate (B.A. 2018) Ph.D. student, Oxford University
Maggie Gustafson Graduate Student (PhD 2017) Postdoc, Copeland Lab, NIEHS
Joe Manzi Undergraduate (B.A. 2016) Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award program, NIH
Jannis Schoppe Visiting Scientist Ph.D. student, Osnabrück University
Caitlin McDonold Graduate Student (PhD 2014) Senior QC Analyst, Bluebird Bio
Max Tinati Undergraduate (B.A. 2014) Masters Student, Computer Science, Cornell University
Amanda Weiskoff Graduate Student (PhD 2014) Project Manager, BioScience Writers
Jon Paczkowski Graduate Student (PhD 2014) After graduation:
Jane Coffin Childs Postdoc, Bassler Lab, Princeton University/HHMI
Current Position:
Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, Wadsworth Center, Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health, University at Albany
Jodie Chang Undergraduate (B.A. 2013) Physician, St. Louis
Marina Hoashi Undergraduate (B.A. 2012) Software Developer, Data Cubed
Bertheleau Ngakam Undergraduate (B.A. 2011) Adjunct Faculty at Essex County College, NJ

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